About Us

Conquest trikes strive to maintain the tradition of real trike. It began in 1999 in Brazil and was then brought to the United States in 2015. Now we are proudly made in America! 

Conquest Trikes offers a fashionable and powerful machine while keeping the tradition of a real trike.

Our trikes provide enjoyment and freedom for all riders, both men, and women of all ages. All riders deserve to have a motorcycle that provides these qualities without the high cost of maintenance. With our trikes, you will have a comfortable trike with low-cost maintenance and easy self-service.

Most of VW engine parts can be found at any auto part location. Most, if not all mechanics can recognize a VW engine, it's that easy. And our exclusive parts will be available from our online store.

Conquest Trikes will give you an 18 month or $18,000 on engine and transmission limited warranty.

Why manual driving? When you feel the power of your new trike under your control you will feel an adrenaline rush, it will be a new experience every time you ride it. 

Just let us know and we can make your learning process easy and fun.

Who said only kids can have toys? With a Conquest Trikes you can play with your new toy.

Trike it… You will love it.